Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee Equipment

How do I place an order?

To place your order, fill in the order form and send it to us. Our staffs will contact you on your order.

Do you have the machines in stock? And how long do I have to wait after placing order?

Unlike other retailers, we do not stock up the machines now (we used to in the past). Reason being, manufacturers update their machines based on users feedback, some as frequent as every 3-4 months. From our experience, customers prefer the most updated version. Although some of the changes are subtle, it will still mean less chances of a problem occurring and a higher resale value for an updated model. The lead time after your order is processed is 7-21 working days depending on the availability.

Can I view the machine before placing order?

Yes, if we have the machine on display. Check with us on the availability.

How do I know which machine suits me?

Our advice is to do your due diligence. There are vast amount of information online for that particular brand and model that you are looking for. If there is not, we are here to help. From our experience, machines in the same price range are similar in quality and functions. The differences may be added features, accessories, design and materials used for certain parts of the machine. Ignoring these, machines similarly priced are just as competent in every aspect they are built to do. Of course, you should be comparing machines of the same type.

The price tag says a lot about the quality of the machine. If you are looking for a machine that gives you the best value for bucks, we are quite certain you will be looking for an upgrade in the next few years. There is a good reason for the premium price tag on certain machines. Regardless what others say or what you choose to believe, they are in a different league. If you can afford, get the better machine and you can spend time trying different coffee without having to worry about an upgrade.

Should i get a machine with pressure profiling feature?

Our honest opinion, not a must. We feel pressure profiling is more of a gimmick and a fad than a useful feature. But we know some die hard still feel tinkering with the pressure does makes a difference to the taste. Our honest opinion again, invest your money on a competent grinder and good coffee instead.

Which is more important- the espresso machine or the grinder?

The answer is the grinder.

A good grinder can extract the subtle flavors of the coffee regardless of the size of the burr. A grinder with a 75mm burr may not be better than one with a 64mm burr for the same burr type. A well designed grinder does makes a huge difference to the quality of the output. If you can afford, get a good grinder or a hand grinder if you are not ready to pay a premium price for an electronic one.

Conical or flat burr? Which one should i get?

It depends on your taste preference. Conical tends to amplify the sweetness and mute the boldness and body of the coffee. Flat burr does otherwise.

Should i get a hand grinder? What do I have to consider when making a decision?

Hand grinder is getting more attention now as the quality of the grind is comparable to the electronic ones. Before jumping into the wagon, you may wish to consider the extra effort and time needed with a hand grinder. Hand grinder requires more effort to make a cup but it is also less prone to break down and easier to service. So it can be inconvenient and convenient depending on which one matters more to you.

There are many different brands of hand grinders available. Before purchasing, you should consider the reputation of the manufacturer. Those which specializes in grinders will have a proven track record. A stepless grinder (infinite adjustment setting) offers a wider grinding range than a stepped grinder. The ease of adjusting the coarseness of the grind should be considered too. Some grinders are a pain to change from one setting to another. From our experience, it is unnecessary to change the coarseness if you are using coffee of the same roast degree. Simply, increase the dose for a slower flow rate and decrease the dose for a faster flow rate. If the coffee is stale, adjusting the coarseness is not going to help. Another factor you should consider is the country of design and production. Quality, precision and durability do differ.

No matter the brand, every hand grinder has their pros and cons. It depends if the pros outweighs the cons for you.

Our advice: You are paying for what you are getting. Get the best one if you can afford so that you will not suffer from buyer remorse and end up spending more on an upgrade in the long run.

Do you have a showroom and what are the opening hours?

Yes, we do have an office. We do not have regular opening hours. Contact us if you wish to meet us or view a machine that is available.

Does the machine comes with a warranty?

We offer the option for warranty to you. If you want it to be covered, the price is slightly higher than one without a warranty.

What happens if my machine requires servicing/ repair?

Contact us and we will arrange to pick up the machine from your place. Repair and pick up is free if the machine is under warranty.

What will happen to the warranty if you are no longer in operation?

In the event that we wind up which may happen to all businesses, please be assured that your warranty will still be honored by the manufacturer as the warranty that comes with the machine is provided by them. You can contact the manufacturer and they will be able to advise you on the next course of action.

Why are some machines that were on display not available after some time?

There are customers who do not mind getting a display set. Our display set is as good as new since we are using them just for display. And a display set can be 10%-30% cheaper than a new set.

Are all the accessories in stock?

We try to stock up on items that do not require constant updating and warranty. Those that are more popular will sell out quicker.

For some items, we will have them ship direct to customers from the country of production as it will keep the cost low which means more savings for you. We do not keep stocks for such items.

Are the coffee that you are selling fresh?

Yes it is. Our coffee is roasted every Thursday in Italy, packed and shipped every Friday. Customers will have to send in their order before Thursday and will receive their coffee within 1-3 working days after the shipment arrive in Singapore on Sunday.

How long can your coffee be kept?

Unlike offerings from some roasters, our coffee can be kept for at least 1 month after opening without losing flavors if stored correctly. After opening the bag, the coffee should be stored either in an airtight container or by making sure that air is expelled from the bag when kept. Always keep the coffee away from direct heat and sunlight.

Our coffee can last longer because we are using high quality beans, expertly blended and roasted with a special technique by our Italian roaster which has a long history in Naples.

Is your coffee roasted medium, dark?

Yes. If you are looking for coffee with fruity, winey taste, you are not going to find it here. If you are still thinking dark roasted coffee are oily, bitter and bland tasting, you will be surprised by our coffee. At CAP, we are a fan of the classics. We have a long tradition with Italian espresso and we are sticking with it.

Does your coffee contains Robusta?

Some does. We do not stick to a single blend. We are always experimenting with different combination. A little robusta adds body and aroma to the coffee. Contrary to the belief that robusta taste like burnt rubber, bitter and bland, it depends on the quality of the robusta. Our 100% robusta blend will surprise you. We do not always offer this blend as we are only using the best robusta which is hard to come by. Do keep a look out when we do as it sells out fast.

Why are you not roasting your own coffee?

We tried but it was not good enough. Roasting seems easy but it requires years of experience and an in depth knowledge of the characteristics of the beans to achieve the ideal roast. It is a mammoth task to harmonize different types of coffee beans together to create the perfect blend. Since we are not quite at the level yet, we prefer to leave the roasting to the experts. That is why we partnered with the expert roasters from Italy. They are afterall the grandmaster in this field.

What are the brewing parameters for your coffee?

We do not have a specific one as we do not believe in being restricted by parameters. We can tell you how we brew but we do not recommend that you follow. Our coffee is roasted such that it can be brewed in many ways with different parameters and yet still taste good. Free your mind and just do it your way.

How can I achieve consistency when making coffee?

Making coffee is an art not science. What we deemed as consistent may not work for you. If being consistent means having the same cup every time, instant coffee will do just that. Repeating the technique that works for that particular coffee will guarantee that you will have a drinkable cup most of the time. That is consistency to us.

Is latte art important?

It does makes the coffee looks pretty but is it necessary? Not to us since it does not improve the taste of the coffee. We do latte art sometimes, when we are in the mood, otherwise we prefer to spend time improving our brewing techniques than perfecting latte art.

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