Xenia Espresso Machine (Model H)

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The machine has an elegant appearance due to the smooth and soft surfaces of the covers, the slight swing of the brew group and the absence of visible screws and junctions. This makes cleaning of the machine very easy.

Thermal Concept

Unlike the traditional E61 group head, Xenia combines heating cartridges and the active heating bridge, which enables the machine to heat up rapidly so that it will be ready for its first proper extraction within 12- 15 minutes. The heating cartridges and active heating bridge reduces fluctuations in temperature and energy consumption. The unique thermal design of Xenia expels the excess heated water in the group head after each extraction, cooling flushes is thus not required. This means users do not have to worry about overheating and inconsistent results.

Actively Heated Brew Group

The Xenia brew group has two optional heat sources. Each of these has a different “heat profile”. The massive copper heat bridge provides very constant heat and synchronizes the brewing unit with the boiler. It ensures that the boiler heat is optimally utilized for the brew group, and conserves energy by heating up the brew group only when it is necessary.

Complementing the copper heat bridge, two heat cartridges are inserted in the brew group stretching across nearly its full length. They provide for better heat distribution, especially for warming up the portafilter.

The thermally stable copper heating bridge significantly shortens the brew group heating phase. Additionally, the two cartridges fully heat up the brew group in only about 5 minutes after the boiler has been brought up to temperature. Obviously, not the whole machine (e.g. copper pipes) is brought fully up to temperature. The machine is, however, ready for operation significantly faster. There is no need to wait half an hour or more before you can start brewing!

The World’s First Unique Configurability

Every machine can be configured to your preferences. This starts with the design of the pressure gauge and ends with selecting the level of control. It’s even possible to add a dual boiler. The machine concept is flexible enough to allow for modifications before or after purchase. Even the firmware can be updated via a USB port with features such as customised pre infusion time, pressure profiling. So you can start simple and upgrade as needed, with virtually no difference in the price.


The machine is made of a very solid and heavy construction. At the core is a reinforced, bend-resistant chassis made of 2 mm stainless steel sheets. The panels are made of high quality finished stainless steel sheets. The boiler is made of stainless steel. The brew group is made of chrome-plated brass and the thermal bridge of 8 mm copper. In conjunction with easy-to-find standard components, the machine will work for many years.

A Hybrid  Machine

Xenia is neither a heat exchanger nor a dual boiler. It has the pros and yet does not have the cons of the heat exchanger and the dual boiler.

A Custom Made Machine

Xenia is not an off the shelf product. The concept and design of the Xenia is the result of 3 years of discussion and suggestions from espresso lovers. The estimated production time for a unit of Xenia is 2-12 weeks based on individual customer’s request. So you can be ensured that the machine you are getting is customised for your daily use.


– Machine with 2 circuits
– Upgradable to a dual boiler
– Reliable standard parts which can be found easily
– Precise production
– Active heated brew group by a thermostat (optional PID controller)
– Passive heated brew group by a heat bridge made of copper
– Different colours available for the handles, symbols and logo
– Boiler made of stainless steel
– Additional insulation of the boiler (optional)
– Sturdy and distortion-free basic construction of 2 mm steel panels, supported by struts
– Beautiful cover panels made of stainless steel
– Top lift-out tank or (optionally) side-removable
– Rotary valve for water (standard) and steam or toggle valve (for an additional price)
– Handles made of ceramic
– Indicator lights and toggle switches of high quality
– Relatively compact size with a small footprint
– Designed and assembled in Germany

Customisation options

– Available in black, grey, red, blue,white, bronze and stainless steel
– Gauges available in black and white
– Valve options for water and steam: Soft touch toggle valve, Olive wood toggle valve
– Water tank removal options: Top or side removal
– Indicator light colour options: White, red, blue
– Pump options: Ulka, TPE50 (Recommended), Rotary

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27 kg

Power Supply

110 – 240 / 50-60


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12- 24 months


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