The Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer (Stained Wood)



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The Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer was designed to compress coffee grounds in the filter basket precisely and consistently with the right amount of pressure and to the desired depth. A simple and quick adjustable mechanism, where no additional tool is necessary, coupled with an ergonomic operation completes the concept of the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer.

Features of Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer (Stained Wood)

– Available in size 58.4mm
– Compatible with IMS filter basket
– Ergonomic handle
– Easy adjustable piston to desired depth
Delivers consistent extraction results 
– Increased repeatability
– Flat base (recommended) 
– Better base design against possible vacuum
– Wooden handle
– Designed and made in Germany


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The tamper base of the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer has no additional tools, and is continuously adjustable. Simply release the handle and screw the base in or out. In order to fix the tamper base in place, the handle is screwed down again. Thus there is no problem changing between different types of coffee or degrees of grinding and adjusting the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer to fit the particular situation.

There are different methods of adjusting the tamper base for the particular setup, the amount of coffee grounds, and the fineness of grinding. One option has proved successful, namely, one pulls the tamper base further out, presses in the normal way, and screws the bearing ring in while the tamper is still in the filter holder. Finally, lock everything in place.

If the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer is properly adjusted, then the tamper process is very simple. It is virtually impossible to tamper on a slant through the filter holder and the exerted pressure is always even. Repeatability is increased and potential difficulties when tamping belong to the past.

The professionals are excited, too. For example, the German Master Barista Erna Tosberg from Röstbar Münster competed at the World Barista Championship in Dublin with a Mahlgut Dozer and Buzzer and achieved the maximum point score.


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