Siesta Espresso Blend

Cup characteristic:

As the name suggests, this espresso is most suitable as a warm and relaxing afternoon drink. Medium roasted, smooth to the palate with its chocolaty aftertaste. A perfect cup for in and after lunch.

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$19.90 SGD/ 300g



After months of careful planning, sourcing and cupping through combination of different beans, our flagship blend is finally here!

Using only the best beans sourced by Nordic approach and meticulously roasted in Naples, Italy by our masterful roasters, Coffee in a place seeks to bring you the best cup from Naples. Naples being the birth place of espresso makes this coffee extra special.

Our coffee are roasted every Thursday in Naples, packed and air flown to Singapore via Fedex and DHL to ensure the coffee is at its peak when it reaches you. The coffee is only made available to customer who places order before the roast date. No extra stocks will be brought in.

We do not wholesale nor offer our coffee to cafes. It can only be ordered through us and our authorized agents. This is to ensure our coffee will be treated authentically.

Our flagship blend is only available in 300g bag.



Additional information

Order Deadline

Every Wednesday, 6pm


Free (Singapore unregistered mail)
S$2.50 (Singapore registered mail)

Ship Out Day

Every Monday, Tuesday

Brewing Parameters

Ideal temperature (Degree Celsius): 90-92
Dose: 2g less the max capacity of the filter basket. ie, for a 18g basket, dose 16g.
Yield ratio: 1:1.7. For a stronger brew, reduce yield. Increase yield for a sweeter brew.
Extraction time: 25s-30s. Adjust grind coarseness if extraction does not falls within the time range.
Color of the crema: Hazelnut. Discard if color is a lighter or darker shade.

For optimal extraction: Ensure the machine is fully warmed up before extracting.

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