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The central design challenge for creating the Fixie Manual Coffee Grinder has been the reduction of weight while maintaining the precision we require in all of our coffee grinders.  Including the 140 gram steel conical grinding burr set, the Fixie weighs in at only 330 grams total.  It measures 196 mm (6.5 inches) tall, when the grounds jar is in place.

The concept we followed is that when we travel we take only one coffee brewer with us – whether an Aeropress, a dripper, a small French Press or a Moka Pot, therefore we need only one grind setting – the one that matches the brewer.  And, like a Fixed Gear Bike, the result is a Fixed Grind Coffee Grinder.  All of the weight, and mechanical complications of a universally adjustable coffee grinder are left behind…

The Fixie represents an absolute simplification of the manual coffee grinder without sacrificing function, strength or durability.  The single fill grounds cup capacity (30 grams) of the Fixie enables a 500 ml maximum brew – enough for 2 cups of coffee.

OE Fixie Features:
• Side fill Carbon Fiber hopper with Silicone plug closure
• Carbon Fiber turning handle with soft grip full size handle knob
• Anodized aluminum top & bottom bearing plates, drive disk and top assembly nut
• 47 mm hardened steel grinding burr set by Etzinger (the same as used in our Lido grinders)
• Anodized Aircraft Aluminum axle and cone burr carrier
• Natural finish Titanium grounds cup (capacity 30 grams)
• Quick release Silicone jar seal
• Fine – Medium – Coarse (F – M – C) Adjustment System achieved using precision machined Delrin Fixie Disks
• Precision Teflon Tuner Shims for fine adjustments
• NO TOOL disassembly for cleaning
• Tyvek carrying bag with drawstring closure
• Weight 330 grams (11.5 oz), Height 196 mm (6.5″), 54 mm Max diameter (1.75″)

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