Olympia Express Cremina SL



S$6565 nett*. 

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NEW! Production begins in August 2020. Contact us to preorder

Olympia Express machines are obtained via special order with the requirement of payment in advance and lead time of up to 6-7 weeks.

A masterpiece of Swiss engineering

This machine is a little jewel. You’ll find stainless steel, chrome and brass, and perfect manufacturing. Look inside a Swiss watch and you will understand why it carries a price premium. The same applies to the Cremina. Perfect welds and flawless manufacturing.

The Cremina SL takes all of the smarts of the original Cremina from 1967 and tranlates them into a 2020 spring leva machine like no other.

Extraction with spring force
The Cremina SL combines the tranquility of a hand lever machine with the simplicity of a semi-automatic machine. If you have a soft spot for purely mechanical extraction, but don’t want to leave constant quality to chance, the Cremina SL presents a highly attractive option.

The leva group is newly constructed according to the traditional model and then paired with the solid base of the Cremina to give it a unique appearance and a strong plus: a brew group with compression spring on a highly compact machine. With each extraction, you can experience the leva travelling upwards and slowly, as if by magic and a perfect espresso flows into your cup.

Over 90 years of experience in the production of first-class espresso machines are reflected in the processing and ready for you every day to enjoy coffee again.

Additional information

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 10.63 × 7.87 × 12.99 cm

Width 20 cm
Depth 27 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 13 kg
Power supply 230-240V / 50 Hz
Cable length 160 cm
Power consumption 1000 Watt


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Up to 2 years parts and labour
Lifetime limited warranty

Country of Origin


Servicing & Repair

Coffee in a place

Video and Reviews

Cremina SL, the spring lever espresso machine

Introducing the new Cremina SL spring lever espresso machine, probaly the most compact of its kind in the world, and for sure one of the finest.

Posted by Olympia Express on Monday, 15 June 2020

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