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The VIVI PID espresso coffee machine is well known for its simplicity, linearity and brilliant silver color. It is a single boiler heat exchanger (HX) model, equipped with electronic thermo regulation and stainless steel finishing taps with anti burn grips.

VIVI PID is a serious machine for people who are thinking seriously about making perfect coffee. Each machine is professionally built, hand-assembled and tested by trained professional technicians.

– Beautiful stainless steel curved body styling
– Large redesigned drip tray
– Drip tray has catch tray on back, easy to slide in
– Ergonomic angled portafilters, for ease of use
– PID controller for the group boiler
– Reinforce front to reduce flexing
– Discharge into drip tray goes down instead of forward, silicone tube no longer visible.
– Housing and frame stainless steel best quality.
– E61 commercial group Lever operated with automatic pre-infusion.
– System with a single insulated boiler and heat exchanger (HX).
– Vibrations pump.
– Boiler isolated controlled by a PID professional GICAR
– Reading the temperature in degrees Celcius or Fahrenheit (ºC or ºF) .
– Pressure gauge for boiler pressure control.
– Water tank with low-level sensor.

Standard accessories:
– Brush and cleaning cloth for the machine
– Cover fabric coverage for the machine
– Ergonomic filter holder in ergonomic handle

Additional information


W310 mm x H390 mm x D430 mm


25 kg

Water Tank Capacity


Boiler Capacity


Power Supply

110 – 240 / 50-60


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Up to 2 years parts and labour
Lifetime limited warranty

Country of Origin


Servicing & Repair

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