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The Kinu M47 Phoenix Hand Grinder is designed for coffee grinding. Unlike some grinders which requires different burr for different brewing methods, M47 Phoenix has a wide range of adjustment which makes it suitable for grinding of all grind sizes for any brewing methods. The M47 Phoenix adds a silicon ring to the design which makes it easier for users to brace the grinder by hand, diminishing hand fatigue by maintaining stability without too strenuous a grip.

The M47 Phoenix features a streamlined, screw-less design which makes it easy for users to disassemble and assemble without the need for special tools. The innovative and unique construction of the grinder eliminates alignment issue and zero burr rub even at the finest setting. Kinu M47 Phoenix guarantees repeatability  and ease of adjustment with the use of a numbered adjustment collar system.

Kinu M47 Phoenix Manual Espresso Grinder Features:

– Equipped with 47mm Black Fusion treatment and hardened conical burrs 
– Removable Stainless Steel Crank Handle
– Stainless Steel Metal Bearings
– Silicon Ring for Easy Grip
– Large Capacity Food Safe Stainless Steel Hopper

– Catch Cup
– Single Dose Grinder
– Stepless grind adjustment with click feeling – 50 clicks/ turn = 0,01mm adjustment, reproducibility always guaranteed, easily accessible from above.
– Grind container made of Aluminum/ABS exterior and stainless steel interior mechanism
– Light Weight (720 gram)  
– Easy Disassembly/ Assembly Process for Trouble Free Cleaning Without The Need of Special Tools
– Zero Burr Rub At Finest Setting
– Zero Alignment Issues
– Almost Zero Resistance During Grinding
– Guarantees Repeatability and Consistent Results

– Perfect centering due to Morse Cone Principle
– Double ball bearing 8 mm stainless steel axle including also a double ball bearing knob (4 ball bearings)
– Grinding time approx. 30 – 40 seconds – (Espresso – 18g)
– Suitable For All Brewing Methods
– 5 Years Warranty
– Designed in Germany
– Manufactured in EU

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Our review of M47

After using the grinder for 2 months, we are confident to say that M47 is the best hand grinder we have tried. It is easy to grind, almost effortless for medium-dark roast. Lesser effort is required for light roast when compared to other similar hand grinders. The ease and convenience of adjustment from fine espresso grind to pour over grind is a big plus with the numbered collar which ensures consistency and repeatability. The grind is fluffy and of consistent size which eliminates channeling and spritzing issues. We have also observed that the shower screen is cleaner after extraction.

It is easy to maintain the M47 which requires no tools for disassembly and assembly. All parts can be removed during cleaning and there is no need to worry about misalignment of the burr when putting the parts back together again.

Unlike most grinders which requires break in of the burr to achieve optimal performance, the M47 works perfectly right from the first grind.

Like most German products, the M47 has a sturdy build. The grinder is made of stainless steel which is likely to outlive most of us.

The only con is the high cost.

We highly recommend the M47 for home users unless you are serving many cups daily. Even so, it does not requires much effort and time with the M47.

Ease of use, ease of maintenance, ease of adjustment, almost zero retention, exceptional extraction, suitable for all brew types and German made quality, the M47 is the best hand grinder you can find in the market now.

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5 Years for Conical Steel Burr


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