Orphan Espresso updated grinder models scheduled to be released September 2016

Posted July 30, 2016

Orphan Espresso is currently updating the Lido 2, and the Lido E Series grinders.  Some of these changes are ‘invisible’ to the end consumer – a better fit of the bearings in the bearing supports, better thread fit on the adjustment ring to prevent seizing of the ring, some tooling changes so that the plastic parts have a better flow rate, and fewer rejects.

Some of the changes are immediately visible to the consumer.  Previously, three models, the Lido 2, Lido E, and E-T were metal plated – they will be produced in the future using the same finish technique as the Lido 3.  The Lido 2 will have an EPD Pewter color finish.  It is a bit darker silver than the original Nickel plate, and has a bit more shine.   The Lido E will be polished Aluminum, with an EPD clear finish. The Lido 3 continues, as it has always been, in the EPD Black finish.

The updated models are scheduled to be released in September 2016.



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