Orphan Espresso is currently updating the Lido 2, and the Lido E Series grinders.  Some of these changes are ‘invisible’ to the end consumer – a better fit of the bearings in the bearing supports, better thread fit on the adjustment ring to prevent seizing of the ring, some tooling changes so that the plastic parts have a better flow rate, and fewer rejects. Some of the changes are immediately visible to the consumer.  Previously, three models, the Lido 2, Lido E, and E-T were metal plated – they will be produced in the future using the same finish technique as the Lido 3.  The Lido 2 will have an EPD Pewter color finish.  It is a bit darker silver than the original Nickel plate, and has a bit more shine.   The Lido E will be polished Aluminum, with an EPD clear finish. The Lido 3 continues, as it has always been, in the...

Servicing Strietman ES3

Posted May 19, 2016

Lesson 1: Removing the shower screen. Loosen the screen with a flat tip screw driver Be careful not to damage the edge of the group which holds the screen. Lesson 2: Removing the piston First remove the clip. Remove the bronze axis. Lesson 2: Removing the piston First remove the clip. Remove the bronze axis. Remove the piston upwards. Or downwards. Empty cylinder. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

Vesuvius Espresso Machine Review

Posted May 19, 2016

With the introduction of the Vesuvius by Ambient Espresso, the E61 group patented over 60 years ago fully embraces modern technology. It joins dual boiler espresso machines like the Expobar Brewtus, Vibiemme DoubleDomo, Quickmill 2B, and Profitec Pro 700 that are based on the shiny chrome E61 group, but adds a feature rarely found in single group espresso equipment: Programmable brew pressure profiling. Read about the evaluation of Vesuvius here.

A good espresso capable grinder is key to creating a tasty shot. As a general idea, the more money you spend on a grinder, the better tasting your coffee will be, and you will be able to prepare it with greater ease and consistency. Class 1 (Price Range

Maintenance – After each use, a quick wipe of a rag or rinse in the sink is all that is needed. – After several uses, removing the shower screen and cleaning under-neath is a good idea. I go about 10-20 shots before doing this personally, but I would suggest to remove the screen from time to time and just see the coffee build up underneath and decide when is good for you to clean this. – After 20 shots, using a finger redistribute the DOW 111 grease from under and over the piston seals onto the side of them. This just keeps from having to replace or add to the grease often. I suggest NOT wiping the piston with a rag to clean the grease. It may look nicer and cleaner, but the piston may jump a bit when pulling a shot without the grease. If the grease does get worn away, replace as needed with a food-safe grease. – Your piston ...

Advantages and Challenges

Posted May 19, 2016

EspressoForge started out as a community project, as such, we offer this comparison table to be as up-front about our device as possible. We hope it will help potential buyers decide if The Forge will fit their needs and lifestyle. Advantages 1. Price – finding a machine capable of producing espresso at 8 bar for a low price is a challenge. This was at the heart of why we designed the EspressoForge. But don’t think that because of the low price, shot quality suffers, in fact, the Forge can produce espresso equal to the top end commercial pump machine provided you pair it with a quality espresso capable grinder. 2. Easy to Press – small-diameter tall cylinder makes this possible. Pressure Profiling – Easy to do with a pressure gauge (1/8″ NPT fitting). Although some other machines may have this ability, without knowing th...



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